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Our Services

We listen first. Our consulting services ensure that we get a clear understanding of what our clients' needs and desires are. Each situation is unique and different. We will come out and walk your land. We get to know what you are doing and what your dreams are. We enjoy this opportunity to develop a customized plan with each client to assist them in ensuring vitality for all their plants, soils and animals.

A testing service allows us to gather as much information as possible to ensure we understand the big picture. What is going on in the soil biology? The soil biology can tell us a great deal about the soil. We offer detailed soil testing and plant tissue testing.

We also offer:

  • Land/field mapping service to allow us to better manage the land resources. We can track the changes as we implement our fertility programs.
  • Customized composts and teas to address specific crop needs or specific desires of our clients.
  • An Organic fertilization program for our clients in addition to teas.
  • Installation of Fertigation systems whereby our teas are injected directly into your current irrigations systems. Automatically operated tea injections.
  • Gardening service whereby we can come and install a complete garden for you. Fruits, vegetables, bamboos and flowers can all be arranged in a beautiful setting that will provide years of enjoyment.

Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations.

Give us a call, let's talk story.



Compost Tea Application

Applying the Compost Tea

Applying the Compost Tea.



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