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Welcome to Living Soils Organics

Aloha and welcome to Living Soils Organics LLC. We provide comprehensive services for the
landscaper, farmer, orchardist, rancher, homeowner, horticulturist and everyone in between. We custom design and brew Aerobically Activated Compost Teas (AACT) as well as Vermicompost Teas (AAVT) for our clients to ensure optimum plant health and growth. We apply these teas as living fertilizers to the landscape plantings, lawns, orchards and pastures for our clients after a through review of their needs and goals.

Our formulas for our AACT and AAVT have been researched and developed in collaboration with the top leaders in the field of sustainable agriculture. We use the latest scientific testing and analysis to optimize the quality and vitality of our one-of-kind Vortex based teas. We utilize a Lieca CM E microscope on our on farm lab to continually test the efficacy of our teas and composts.


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Bobby Grimes, Owner

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"We grow vegetables organically; lettuce, broccoli, kale and salad mix. We found that with organic compost tea, we see less soil disease and less leaf disease. We can grow better plants and vegetables"

- Michael Manor, Mother Nature's Miracle Farm in Hamakua, Hawaii

"Bobby is educated and knowledgeable about what he is doing, he is easy to work with and dependable".

- Rob Nunally, Onomea Tea Company

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