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Living Soils Organics was created in 2008 after many years of working with compost and organic compost teas. We were looking for a way to share our enthusiasm for and knowledge of the amazing results we have witnessed with the use of Aerobically Activated Compost Teas (AACT) and Aerobically Activated Vermicompost Teas (AAVT).

After speaking with many farmers, gardeners, and professionals in this business, I decided the time was now to begin this new venture. This new business would make top quality compost/Vermicompost, and then brew high quality AACT and AAVT as well as offer our clients a full service application program for their lawns, farms, gardens, orchards, greenhouses, pastures and forests.

We then grew to encompass a full service on farm lab, with a Leica CM E microscope to test the efficacy of our teas, as well as testing the soil biology of our clients' soils and composts.

As we have developed our business, we have learned to modify our composts and teas to better suit the diverse needs of our Hawaii based clients.

We now offer AACT and AAVT in bulk. We brew it, you can come and haul it home, or we can deliver the teas in bulk.

We are always learning and improving our techniques.

Give us a call or email to see how we can help your soil and plants thrive.

Living Soils Organics


Bobby Grimes, Owner

Living Soils Organics owner Bobby Grimes

Owner Bobby Grimes standing next to the one-of-a-kind, Vortex, Airlift Compost Tea Brewer.



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