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About the Compost Tea

Why Use Compost Tea?

Compost tea is used for two reasons: To inoculate microbial life into the soil or onto the foliage of plants; and to add soluble nutrients to the foliage or soil to feed the organisms and the plants present. Use compost tea any time the organisms in the soil or on the plants are not at optimum levels. Chemical-based pesticides, fumigants, herbicides and some synthetic fertilizers kill a range of the beneficial microorganisms that encourage plant growth, while compost teas improve the life in the soil and on plant surfaces. High quality compost tea will inoculate the leaf surface and soil with beneficial microorganisms, instead of destroying them.

What is compost Tea?

Compost tea is a liquid produced by leaching soluble nutrients and extracting bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes from compost. The brewing process is performed at constant temperature, although the growth of the organisms may elevate temperature as a result of their reproductive heat produced.

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Compost Tea

Compost Tea

The compost tea in the brewer.



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